About Us

Westcliff Medical Products, Inc. was established in 2015 and is based out of Southern California. We bring 15 years of experience from a medical distribution and manufacturing background. Focused on creating value for our customers through specialized products and solutions, Westcliff provides comprehensive and reliable service and manufacturing.


We pride ourselves on the attention to detail, and committed to delivering quality healthcare products. No sacrifices are made when selecting materials and components for our products.


Westcliff’s FDA approved manufacturing facility offers a wide range of capabilities from manual and automated assembly, packaging and sterilization, tubing extrusion, full line of IV components, and a ISO Class 7 monitored clean room.


Offering a line of IV Sets and OEM components. Westcliff can provide all of our products in private label and custom configurations.

Our Vision

  • Create innovative and quality medical products
  • Passionately build meaningful and successful relationships
  • Provide valuable and efficient healthcare solutions
  • Support our customers with outstanding service